Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Eagle has landed!

Chance is here! I picked Chance up from the airport and could not be happier.

I picked up Chance at noon at Sea Tac aiport, the drive home was nice and we had a great time talking and catching up on what's been going on in his little life during the past several months since his last visit. On the way home we stopped to pick him up a new comforter for his bed (camo of course) a new pillow and lastly a haircut. Man, that kids hair grows like crazy and it hasn't been cut since he visited us last.

When we got home we unpacked his stuff and got him all settled in. Keeping to our usual Friday routine, it was off to the races. Chance and I left for the race about 3 o'clock. I had such a good time taking him to the track, introducing him the people that mean so much to me and to the sport that I can never seem to seperate myself from.

Halfway through the races Casey called, they had decided to leave training that night instead of in the morning and was ready to be picked up. Chance and I high tailed it out of the track and met Casey at the airport just after 9pm...... a long day for the little man who had been up since around 4am...... Well off to bed for me, more to come!

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