Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Camping!

We just got home from an amazing weekend of camping in Winthrop at our usual camping spot, Big Twin Lakes. Casey's parents loaned us their travel trailer and we were able to pack it up early and be ready to take off first thing in the morning on Friday.

Chance has never been camping before or in a car for anything longer than a trip from Bellingham to Seattle, so this trip was a BIG deal. We headed out of the house about 7am, which I thought was great considering it was my first camping trip packing for me, Casey and a child. We headed through the Acme Valley and connected to Hwy 20 in Sedro Wooley and headed over the pass. Chance loved the pass and Casey and I had a great time getting to tell him what all the various sites where along the way passing by Diablo Dam and heading up Rainey Pass.

We met the crew at the site about 11am on Saturday. We camped with our great friends, Jeremy and Brodie Hoekema, they had headed over the night before. Shortly after we arrived Gatlin, and Ryon pulled in as well. It was a much smaller group then usually heads over for the long weekend, but we had so much fun! We built fires, walked around Winthrop. Brodie and I escaped to the Wintrop Brewery for a beer while the boys rode their bikes down from Sun Mountain Lodge. We went to the rodeo, and just plain sat around and relaxed, which I must admit was much needed.

Chance enjoyed the whole group and decided at the beging of the trip to start calling everyone Aunt and Uncle, so now we have Uncle Ryon, Uncle Gatlin, Uncle Hoof and Aunt Brodie. It was cute!

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