Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Gear!

Today was awesome! Casey took Chance and I to the Mt Bake Motosport Annual Sale. Chance got all new gear and when I say all new gear I mean, new helmet, jersey, riding pants, gloves, and boots. He is decked out and spoiled to say the least. Casey also got me a really cute camo riding jacket for the cold days while out riding, I love it and had had my eye on it for quite awhile, it was a really nice suprise. He and I also both bought a new pair of riding boots as ours where getting old and worn out.

After getting our gear we headed over to Casey's folks to ride. Casey has been into dirt bikes since childhood and spent most of his youth racing around the state. I on the other hand have only ridden dirt bikes once as a child and have instead ridden fourwheelers, but with Casey into bikes I have decided to learn. Casey lowered his suzuki 125 so it would be a better fit for me. He cut some of the padding out of the seat and lowered the forks so I could better reach the ground. It made a huge differance! Chance and I spent the day out in the field below the house learning to ride, shift and get comfortable on our bikes while Casey watched and worked in the shop with his Dad. Below is a picture of me getting ready to ride the 125

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