Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Racing Fan

Anyone that knows me knows what a huge fan of racing I am, and how important going to the races is to me, but now with Chance in the house it has been a snowball effect, I seriously think he is obsessed, the kid lives, eats and breathes racing. I ofcourse could not be happier. I mean honestly, what would I have done if he came to live with me and was really into something like playing the flute for example? I would have supported it for sure, but this is just so much easier!

Tonight we headed out to Deming Speedway for our usual Friday night at the Speedway. Casey and I go in the pits while Chance stays in the stands as he is not old enough yet for the pits. He loves it though running around with Tristin and the other kids. He is really catching on fast, he now knows what all the flags mean, who is driving what car and the sequence of the racing events through the night, I am really proud of him and have tremendously enjoyed being able to teach him about the sport that we love so much!

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