Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Time to brush your teeth

What a week! Casey and I are exhausted. Chance is still on his boundry testing spree. It's been tough on all of us. We know that Chance is having a hard time having so many rules sprung on him at one time, but we also know that if Chance doesn't have those rules that it wouldn't be in his best interest. Believe me it would be much easier to just let him go to bed without brushing his teeth, but he need to learn to brush his teeth, end of story. Brushing his teeth is a good half hour routine, me asking, followed by me asking, followed by me telling....(because it's not an option), followed by crying, door slamming, crying, me telling, teeth brushing, crying and bed....... Ahhhhhh nothing like a peaceful night in our house. I can't wait till the morning when we can do it again :)

1 comment:

Nickie said...

You are such a mom now! Crazy!