Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chance going camping without us ;(

My Dad called tonight to see if we could go camping with him this weekend, both Casey and I are drained and as much as we would like to go we need to get somethings done around the house. My Dad wasn't so keen on that and asked if he could maybe take Chance instead as they had so much fun fishing before. I told him I would run it by Chance and Casey and see what they said. Chance was so so so so excited and Casey agreed it would be fine.

I just got home from dropping them off and their plan is to head over to Winthrop with the boat and a couple of other friends for some tubing, fishing and fun! I am jealous, but he will have a blast!

Casey and I are getting ready to relax and take in a much needed episode of you guessed it John and Kate Plus 8!

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Nickie said...

You watch John and Kate plus 8??? You have seriously become domesticated!