Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chance off to MY Dad's house.....

Casey and I are hosting a Bachelor/Bachlorette party for our dear friends Shane and Michelle tonight, thus Chance needed somewhere to go for the evening. My parents have been offering to babysit so that worked perfect for tonight. It's odd when you think about the legistics of it since Chance is in no way related to them, Chance being my Father's ex wife's child from another Father..... whewww..... families got to love them. But, like my Step-Mother Shannon said," If Chance is a part of you and Casey's like, he is a part of our lives too."

I am not sure who is more excited Chance or my Dad. My Dad is so good with kids Chance's age and I think that the two of them will have a really good time. Chance is anxious to hang out with him and learn about cars in his automotive shop, and their plan is to go our fishing in Bellingham Bay before them come to our place for our Father's Day BBQ tomorrow. I just hope Chance doesn't get scared with him as my Dad can be a little rough around the edges sometime, to put it politely. Wish them luck together!

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