Sunday, June 1, 2008

Crying, Crying, Crying!

Well, the honeymoon period between Casey, myself and Chance is officially over. Now, we have full bore talking back, fit throwing, mess making ten year old who is trying to test his boundries. We keep telling ourselves that this too will pass, but when you are in the thick of it it's tough to remember that. Everything this week has been a battle. Taking a shower everday at the same time is a battle. He is having a hard time understanding why he needs to take a shower and brush his teeth as it wasn't part of his daily routine previously. His new thing is crying.... anything that you tell him that isn't something he wants to hear or something he doesn't want to do he will at the drop of a hat start bawling. This strategy has obviously worked for him in the past, and the fact it isn't working for him now seems to be frustrating him even more.

Chance had very few rules before he came to live with us, no curfew, no set meal times, no daily shower routine, no real structure to speak up. At our house, that isn't the way things work. Our lives are so busy structure is the only way things can flow smoothly. It will just take him sometime to adjust to our structure and our rules. For the sake of our sanity I sure hope it happens soon!

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