Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Daytime Care

With the kids here not getting out of school until the end of the month and Casey and I both working during the day, the major issue weighing on our minds is where Chance will go during the days?!?!?! That's where Casey's parent, "Grandpa Howard and Grandma Sue," has stepped in. They are both retired and amazing! They have graciously stepped up to the plate and agreed to take Chance Monday-Thursday while both Casey and I are at work. I drop him off at their place on my way to work and Casey picks him up on his way home, I couldn't be more thankful to them!

Chance loves being at their house and everything that it has to offer. A big shop full of "boy toys" ten acres to roam, a loving grandma to tickle and play games with him. His life right now is great, but it is a long day for him, up at 6:00am.... what ten year old likes to get up at 6am? But he is doing great and Casey and I are very proud of him to say the least!

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