Saturday, June 14, 2008

Deming Log Show

Nothing says living out in the county like attending the Deming Log Show. I absolutely love it there, unfortunetly attending the actual show itself isn't going to work out for us this year as we already have so many committments this weekend, the races last night, Shane and Michelles Bachelor/Bachelorette Party tonight, and then we are hosting a Father's Day BBQ tomorrow for Casey and I's fathers, it's going to be quite the weekend to say the least!

Although we cant make the actual show which is actually happening as I write this, Chance and I did head out to the log show grounds this morning to check out the Logging Museum, see the incredible display of trucks and logging equipment and watch all the loggers practicing in the arena for their events.

Chance LOVED the Log Show, what ten year old boy doesn't love big trucks and equipment? But for Chance never having been around anything like this before he was even more excited. He even got to play/drive some child sized logging replicas that were on display. I was sad that Casey wasn't there to see his little face light up, but he was at his folks house working on finishing our enclosed race trailer in time to use it this summer. Someone in the family has to work while we are out playing :)

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