Sunday, June 8, 2008

First Sleep Over

Last night Chance had his first sleep over at a friends house. Our good friends JR and Beth have two little boys Sean and Tristin, Tristin is a year younger than Chance and they get to see each other every weekend at the races. The two of them have become quite the little pair running around the track, checking out the scenery and just being little boys.

With Casey and I having two weddings to go to last night Beth offered to take Chance. It worked out awesome for all of us. I dropped Chance off yesterday morning and he got to go down to Skagit Speedway with JR and Tristin, hanging out there, go to the BBQ and watch the races. I don't think he would have been happier, I on the otherhand was worried sick. It being Chance first sleep over I worried he would get home sick, wouldn't brush his teeth, didn't have warm enough clothes.... it's amazing the things that go through your mind when you suddenly have a child after never having one, but alas everything was fine and he came home in one piece with a HUGE smile on his face, he had a blast!

Casey and I had a blast as well. It was our first over night without Chance, although it was still quite busy. We attended the wedding on my dear friend Aaron Lewis and his wife Kristin at the Ferry Terminal in Bellingham. We got to see lots of friends we hadnn't seen in awhile, we headed out of there early and we off to our next wedding event, a reception of Lacey and Chris who married earlier in the day at Shuksan Golf Course. We had an incredible time at the reception, our good friends Jeremy and Brodie were there, as well as Ryon and Gatlin, we danced the night away with friends and even all went over to our local watering hole Bobby Lee's for some more drinks and dancing.

Nice for the whole family to have a break from some "rules" for an evening! :)

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