Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fun, Fun Night.....

After several weeks of planning the party for Shane and Michelle it went off without a hitch and a great time was had by all. We met at Shane and Michelles all ten of us and the limo picked us up around 6:30 and it was off to dinner. Did I mention that the limo driver turned out to be a race fan and a friends Dad? How perfect could that we for me.....Off Kyotos for the girls and the Keg for the guys.

We had an awesome dinner at Kyotos which is a Japenese style hibatchi resteraunt. We gave Michelle her bachlorette gifts and laughed and joked about things that women do when the guys aren't around. Then, it was off to meet up with the guys again. After dinner we headed to Hot Shotz Martini Bar for a night of drinks and dancing. Shauna and I had went into Hot Shotz earlier in the evening to decorate the VIP Room for our arrival. Everyone had a great time there, I don't think Michelle quite dancing the whole night what a trooper! Not to metion Casey and I pulled out a couple of classic dance moves ourselves.

About 1:30 we all hopped back in the limo and headed out. Casey and I sat up front with our limo driver Dan and talked about the fun night, racing, cars and similar friends. We dropped the crew back off at Shane and Michelles and Dan took us home. Since it was now just past 2am Casey offered to make Dan some coffee before he left for his hour drive back down south. Dan came in and we ended up having coffee, snacking and talking until he headed out about 3:00 am..... what a great night!

Now, time to get to work and get ready for our Father's Day BBQ tonight, I sure hope Chance and my Dad are having fun fishing.... I guess I will find out soon enough!

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