Thursday, June 5, 2008

It is making sense afterall.....

After a rough week at home with the little guy and tons and tons of fits and boundry testing I thought it might be nice for just Chance and I to go and do something and take sometime away from the house to talk and enjoy eachother's company without the household interuptions.

I picked up Chance from Casey's folks and we headed to Hannegan Speedway to watch the motocross races. Chance couldn't believe all the racers, the jumps, the wrecks, it was so amazing to him and he has a blast.

But, the best moment of the whole night was when I asked him how he liked it and if this is something he would like to do someday, to which is response was, "yes, this is awesome, this is way better than chasing a little white ball around!" I about died laughing, he was referring to his wanting to play baseball earlier in the week. He said to me, we wouldn't have been able to come here since I would have been at baseball practice. Nice to know despite all that crying at least something is starting to make sense to him!

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