Friday, June 20, 2008

Results of your actions

Today Chance learned the hard way that your actions and attitude will reflect the things you do/don't get to do in life. Chance was acting up all day, refusing to do the things that he was asked, crying, pouting about every little thing.....things did not go well.

I have told him on several occasions that going to the races is a privlige and something that most kids do not get to do even if they are good. I told him that he would not be going to the races if his attitude did not improve..... still no change. I told him again, then he looked me right in the eye and said, Well, if I don't get to go then you don't get to go either!" In his head he was thinking since we don't have a standard babysitter and he always just goes where I go, that just because his attitude was bad that I would be punished by not getting to go either.... WRONG.....

I called up Donna Huntley whom has been like a mother to my since I was 15 and she agreed to take Chance for the evening. He was livid to say the least, cryed threw a fit that I was going and he wasn't, but he needs to realize that in order to do fun things you have to be good! I was sad because I really wanted to take him and get to take him through the car haulers and pits, but I think this lesson will be well worth it. Before dropping Chance off we had a long talk about just that, and I think he understands and things will be looking up from here!

Chance got lucky because Kaleb, the Huntley's grandson was staying with him as well, not to mention their plan is to fly out to their property on Sinclair Island for the night, so much for punishment, but at least I got my point across! Off to the races for Casey and I.....

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