Sunday, May 11, 2008

Settling In.....

Well we are getting all settled in with the new addition to the house, suprisingly enough Chance is in very high spirits despite the crazy events of the past month.

Today was a big day for him. Casey and I gave him his new 50cc dirtbike. Should should have seen his face, he was so happy when Casey wheeled it in from the garage and into the dining area. He is anxious to learn to ride and go off jumps. He's a ten year old boy that sort of stuff is really "cool."

Today we will be running errand and getting things all settled before Casey and I head back to work next week. Still worrying about what I will be doing with him durring that day while we are working. All the kids down here are still in school an least another month.... ahhhh a lot to think about!

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