Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Program

Chance is all signed up and ready to start at the Bellingham Boys and Girls Club when the summer program starts on June 16th, he can't wait. Being at Casey's folks has be great, don't get me wrong, but he's a ten year old little boy who is craving some serious kid time. With the kids here still being in school he is surrounded by adults all the time and in definet need of some running around, tag, game playing and normal ten year old activities.

I will drop him off on my way to work in the morning at 7am and pick him up on my way home about 5:10, it will be a long day for him, but I think he is going to enjoy it. It seems like a great program with an incredibile facility, game room, reading room, computer room, two gyms, huge park next door. Casey and I have also signed him up for several day field trips to Birch Bay Water Slides, Deception Pass, Birch Bay Mini Golf, a day hike to Fragrance Lake and many more. We are all anxious for the program to start!

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