Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July Fun!

What an awesome 4th of July we had.... Early in the weekend I had gotten the idea for us to take a trip up to Cultus Lake Waterslides in Cultus Lake, British Columbia. Neither Casey or I had ever been there and we knew you couldn't go wrong with taking Chance to the waterslides. I researched direction and information online at at 9am we headed out the door. The border was a breeze as we all had all the proper documentation, we made it up to Cultus Lake even before the waterslides opened at 10am, so we decided to grab a quick bite to eat and then head to the park.

What an incredible place Cultus Lake Waterslides is! We all loved it! I am usually not much of a water person and I just couldn't seem to move fast enough to go on all the slides, it was great. I went on every slide except for the 75ft drop off slide, which Casey and Chance both went off of. To my surprise Canada's law are much less strict when it comes to the size and weight requirements for children on the larger slides.... So, I guess I can thank Canada for my near heart attack watching the little guy go down the slide. There were slides for all ages, group rides, single rides, tube rides, a lazy river and hot tubs, it truly was a blast!

We left the water park all smile around 4 and headed back for the short 30 min drive back to the US. The border wait was about 20 min, but it went quick and we were home in time to shower, play with Yukon and headed to our 4th of July BBQ at some friends Jeff and Lisa's house in Everson. Jeremy, Brodie, Ryon and us all attended, we had never been to their place before and it was a real treat, a great salmon BBQ and by far the best fireworks show we had ever seen at a private function.

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