Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chance heads to the Mariner's Game

Grandma Sue and her sister Julie took Chance on the Amtrak train from Bellingham down to Seattle to check out Safeco field and go to the Mariner's vs. the Red Socks game.

At the games there is a competition for free french fries from the stadium which they call Rally Fries. The idea is that you create a sign with a catchy saying asking for rally fries.

Below is the creation that Chance and I came up with. Although he didn't win he did get second place and to be up on the big screen TV during the game. It's a little hard to read but the sign says, " Berries are overrated... This Alaska Moose Cries for Fries....." What a coloring job that was too, let me tell you. All of us were up past ten trying to color in letters :)

Now if I could only get to go on some of theses adventures... dang work anyways!

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