Monday, July 14, 2008

Just the Two of Us

Things have been pretty stessfull around the house lately with a ten year old, a busy schedule and working lots of hours and Casey and I have had little time to sit down talk and enjoy each other's company, but last night was a welcome change.

Grandpa Howard and Grandma Sue took Chance for the night tonight and Casey and I took at great motorcycle ride into Bellingham and had dinner at the Olive Garden... as cliche as it is I really like the Olive Garden and got my usual Chesse Ravoli with Alfredo Sauce, my FAVORITE!

We cruised home on the bike, sat on the couch and talked and enjoyed a few recorded commercial fee episodes of John & Kate Plus 8, our favorite!!

Down get me wrong we love Chance to death, but a night without conversation revolving around legos, tree forts and "can I have a push pop?" was nice!

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