Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lovely Weekend....

Casey and I enjoyed a relaxing weekend together, although I must admit we really missed Chance. It was our first weekend since Chance arrived that we didn't have plans and we wished he would have been here to relax with us, but he had so much fun with my Dad it was worth it.

Friday went to his Dad's to work on his Dad's truck and the trailer and I was able to catch up on some house work around the house and even slip in breakfast with Kesha at the Farmer's Roost in Everson. Casey got home around lunch time we had a nice lunch outside in the sun and then decided to go and pick up the travel trailer and camp at the races. We had a great time at the races and stayed afterwords and visited with friends and camped in the trailer for the night.

Saturday we returned the trailer and went home took care of things around the house and then headed out on the motorcycle for an amazing ride. We went out to Sumas to see Brodie who was playing in a softball tournement, then down to the Alger Bar and Grill to meet up with Joe and Vannessa, they rode with us through Bow and up Chuckanut Drive into Bellingham where we then split up and went our seperate ways. He then stopped an Casey folks and had some fresh crab Howard has just cooked up that day, it was amazing. Then home to visit and play with Yukon and make dinner. Once it got dark Casey and I met at Jeremy and Brodie's and headed out to the Sumas Fireworks show with them. The show was amazing, especially for the small town of Sumas, we enjoyed it. Jeremy and Brodie dropped us off at Bobbie Lee's on the way hoem where we met up with our good friend Ryon whom we hadn't seen in awhile, we ended up closing it down and Ryon gave us a ride home.

Sunday Casey and I decided that it was "Yukon Day" and that he needed some family time, so we loaded up some snacks and our swimming stuff put Yukon in the back of the truck and headed out to Lake Whatcom to swim at Nathan's Dock. We had a really good time, Yukon got to swim and just hang out in the water and play, it was fun.

I love this picture of Casey and Yukon sitting on the dock together, it's super cute!

On our way home we met up with my Dad, Shannon and Chance, picked up the little man and headed home. That night we BBQ'd a home with Jeremy and Brodie and relaxed in the sun and listened to Chance tell us about his great weekend.

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