Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nice night at home!

Ahhhhhh, what a nice break last night was. I picked up Chance from the Boys and Girl's Club after a hectic day at the office and headed home. Casey was already home when we got there, Chance went and played in the woods behind the house, Casey fiddled in the garage and I was able to make dinner and have it on the table by 7 o'clock which never happens, I was so happy.

We finished up dinner Taco Salad and rice...mmmmmm and Casey and Chance got out the mini chopper motorcycle to take it for a spin. When Chance came to visit last spring he was still a little small and not comfortable enough on the bike to ride it all alone, but this time was different. He did great and was riding it up and down the street alone within just a couple of minutes.

"Uncle Ryon" even made an unexpected visit and had a great time watching Chance ride and even taking the chopper for a spin himself. The three of us ended up pulling out the lawn chairs, mixing a cold drink and watching Chance and his friend Alex ride their bikes.... overall a very much needed relaxing evening with good company!

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