Sunday, July 6, 2008

Uncle Hoof's 30th Birthday Fun!

We all had such a blast yesterday! Despite learning of the passing of Casey's Grandfather in the early morning hours, we all managed to have a good day. Casey headed off to his parents house to be with family and especially just "be" there for his mother.

Chance and I stayed home cleaned house, went grocery shopping and prepped for Uncle Hoof's 30th birthday party. Casey arrived home just in time to help us make Snicker's Salad, Potatoe Salad and Jello Shots for Hoof's 30th Birthday Luau Party. Both the boys were a dream helping my cut apples, mix jello and clean up. I was a real treat!

We packed up and headed over early, helping decorate and hang out before everyone else arrived. What a hit the Luau was! There was a huge turnout and everyone had a blast! There was more than enough food to go around, a pinatta, and lots of laughs and fun! It ended up raining almost the whole time, but Casey saved the day with going to pick up his parents EZ up tent almost big enough to cover all of the deck where everyone was gathered.

The plan was to head out to the Bull-a-rama in Sumas around 7 o'clock but with all the rain we instead just decided to stay at the house. Grandpa Howard took Chance home with him around 7:30 and the adults stayed and headed down the street to Bobbie Lee's for some Kareoke and Dancing..... what an awesome 30th birthday party.... next to turn 30, Lance, Casey and Ryon.... it's going to be quite the year for birthdays!

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