Friday, August 15, 2008

The big day... we picked up the Toy Hauler

Today was the big day Casey and I got to go and actually pick up the toy hauler this morning! YEAH!

They walked us through everything from starting the generator to working the machanical beds, you name it, we went over it. Then it was home to start loading it up with all our goods. We were both really impressed the way that the truck pulled the trailer, granted it was still empty, but we were happy none the less.

Last night we went shopping for everything we needed to get the trailer ready for camping.
We were very lucky in the fact that Casey's Mom Sue had saved tons of stuff for us. A brand new set of Cut Co Knives, a complete Ralph Lauren Towel set in colors to match the trailer, Kitchen Utensil, a coffee maker and tons of other stuff. We also picked up some new camp chairs, spices, pots, pans, pot holders and the usual "stuff." I can't believe how much stuff we actually already had. I must admit this trailer business is going to free up some space in the house, just not in the driveway :)

I got the trailer all packed up today while Casey fiddled around with the hitch, leveling out the trailer, filling up the water tank and that sort of thing, I am so happy with all the storage it has, and especially with the refridgerator size.

Our plan is to head out this evening out to Acme to camp along the Nooksack River at a family river bar of a friend of ours. Brodie and Jeremy are going to come out and hang out with us to. Wish us luck on our maiden voyage with the toy hauler!

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