Friday, August 8, 2008

The Old Truck

Casey as many of you know has MANY old Chevy's and when I say many I mean a fleet.... at any rate we recently decided to insure his little green 1968 Chevy Fleetside truck that has just been sitting for the past several years. In looking at it, it cosmeticaly needs some work, but still retains it's old school classic hot rod look, under the hood, well that's a different story.... it's amazing! It's got a built 1969 396 BB out of a chevelle and pulls somewhere around 400 horsepower. It's got a 4 speed manual tranny which adds to the fun....It's LOUD and FAST so ofcourse I love it....

I cruised around and did errands in it today and you should have seen my grin, I don't know what it is about the sound and feel of a hot rod truck, but it really makes my day! Even the $40 in gas that I spent just driving it around for a day was justified based upon the sheer enjoyment I got out of driving it.

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