Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yukon the weapon of mass destruction

He sure does look cute and innocent doesn't he? Well see below to let you see the real truth!

Yesterday Yukon and I went into Everson in the old hot rod truck, went for a walk, coffee and to the bank, thought it would be good for him since he is home alone a lot during the day while we are at work.

I then decided to make a short Costco run so I dropped him back off at the house before heading into Bellingham. When I went to pull out of the drivway he was freaking out by the gate because I was leaving so I pulled back in and put him inside, instead of having him whine outside as I left. I ALWAYS leave him inside sometimes on Friday and during the weekend because he's always outside and he like to sleep in his bed. So off to Costco I went and returned home about an hour and fifteen minutes later.

When I got home I was greeted with what looked like a homicide scene. When I walked in there was a horribel smell and I could see blood on the floor in the entryway and on the hallway walls. I turned the corner into the living room to be greated with more blood on the floor and way and a huge pile of poo in the middle of the carpet, still no Yukon to be found so I headed on into the pool room....Here I found him blood coming out of his mouth standing in from of the french doors in our pool room which were massacured and covered in blood, all the casing ripped off the doors, ( the part that holds them on) , the curtains and rods ripped down and hunks of plastic and metal everywhere. I freaked out and threw him outside to assess the damages....

I then headed back through the house where there was blood and slober on everything, all down the halls where he had rubbed his head, even in the bathroom tile floor, then onto our bedroom where he had crawled onto our bed where I had all our clothes clean and folded ready to be put away and there I was greated with a huge pile of urnine in the middle of our bed, all over our down comforter, clean clothes, pillows, matteress, you name it..... I was in SHOCK!

I don't know what got into him he has NEVER EVER done anything like that and I have always left him inside, he's six years old it's not like he's a puppy.I don't know what I am going to do!
We already built a nice cedar fence for him to which he responding by ripped and tearing the boards off if we are not home. So now he has to go on his dog run while we are away and can run free while we are home..... I just can't believe the damage he caused.... He's my baby and it is unbelievable to me he could do this... I just didn't think he had it in him....

Casey handled things really well, I was so scared that he was going to freak out and make me get rid of him..... but I also got lucky in the fact that I was able to get everything cleaned and spotless before he got home with the exception of the doors, which are going to have to be replaced.... ahhhhh I just can't believe it!

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