Monday, September 22, 2008

In the Hopsital... ENDOMETRIOSIS

So are some of you may or may not know I was in the hospital for a week and am now home and recovering. Over a week ago I started having severe pain in my lower left abdomen that progressively got worse and worse until finally I headed to the doc. They suspected that I had ovarian cycsts and scheduled an ultra sound. I went to the Ultra Sound, still in excrusiating pain, only to walk away with no answers and no signs of cysts.

That afternoon at home the pain got to intense to handle and Casey took me to the ER, the rest is a blur of IV's, Surgeries, blood works, X-Rays, Cat- Scans and so much more.

After 4 days of testing they determined that laproscopic surgery on my abdomen was need to physically go in and visually see what was going on inside me. The surgery revealed that my lower left intestines had fused them selves into my stomach muscles and tissues around my reproductive areas causing my extreme pain. There were also some dark spots found in on the outside of my uterus and in my reproductive tissue. Those spots were tested and turned up positive for a condition called Endometriosis.

Endometriosis comes in many forms causing tissue like the tissue of your uterine lining to grow in places where it should not causing damage and pain to the area which it chooses to grow, it can also fuse together organs or tissue as it did in my case. Once you have endo, you have it, it's a life long battle. I am now on medicine to help control it and will be closely monitoring my body and any signs that it may be acting up.

As of now I am at home with a HUGE belly as the result of my surgery. I have three incision on my stomach area and still in a lot of pain as a result of my cut muscles and the cauterization that was done internally to stop bleeding.

I am more than ever looking forward to getting better and being able to do things on my own again.

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