Friday, October 24, 2008

Dirt Bike Riding at Walker Valley

So today was my first day out on my new dirt bike, and lets just say it was an experience! We loaded up our bikes last night and headed out about 8 this morning to Walker Valley which is a HUGE ORV park located to the east of Mt. Vernon above Big Lake. Casey unloaded our bikes, we got geared up and headed out.
Right off the bat we hit a trail called the Jam trails, one I had been on several times with my quad, I went down the trail just fine, still working out the whole balance issue on a dirt bike compared to a quad, that and the twist throttle , that's interesting to get used to as well. After the Big Jam trail all seemed well and we were off to try out another. With both Casey and I not entirely familiar with the trails we picked another to try, this time the Coyotte Trail... At first all seems well, some moderate hill climbs, sharp turns but nothing to crazy... but boy oh boy did that change! Next thing you know it was HUGE roots, rocks, STEEP hills, I did nothing but kill the motor on my bike and fall down, NOT fun... I got so frustrated it seemed the more I tried the more I fell over and got myself more worked up.... After a couple of glove throwing, feet stomping full on melt downs I finally made it through the trails. Poor Casey, he has ridden his whole life and didn't understand my difficulties, but he was so patient and helpful through it all, even with my choice words and glares that might have been thrown out his way in frustration.

After we got done with the disastrous Coyotte Trail Casey thought it best for the sake of our relationship that we go home! But, I wasn't having it, I wasn't leaving there with a bad taste in my mouth about riding, we just needed to find a couple easier trails that I could build some confidence on, and that we did! In no time I was doing better negotiating the hills, riding over rocks and roots and get balances and controlling the bike in general. Despite the rough start to the day I had a great time and am anxious to get out and ride again soon!
Below is a picture of me after our riding... note the smile on my face!
Below is a picture of me mid melt down half way through the trail

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Nickie said...

Haha! Sounds like when Phil tries to teach me to snowboard! It isn't always pretty!