Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Dirt Bike!

I am super excited, I got a new dirt bike, it's a 2002 KX 100 that was barely ridden previously and is in great condition. I have had my quad up for sale for a couple of weeks now and was hoping to be able to sell it soon and use the funds to look for a dirt bike.

Sure enough, this morning a guy called came out to look at my quad and bought it. It wasn't but a second after he was out of the driveway that Casey and I started calling on bikes that we had seen for sale and setting up appointments to go look, some of which were as far away as Monroe. While we were making phone calls I got an email from a gal who heard I was looking for a KX 100 and she has one that she has bought new in 2002 in Canada and only ridden a hand full of time. We drove to look at it and it was a perfect fit. She even threw in all her riding gear so now I have a whole other set of boots, pants, jersey, chest protector and gloves.

I had been riding Casey's Suzuki 125 which was just way too tall for me, I couldn't touch the ground at all! The KX100 is a perfect fit as you can see.

Casey and I can hardly wait to go riding and are planning on going on Friday. I of course couldn't be happier I have not done anything very physical since having surgery and this will definitely be quite the test.

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