Monday, September 22, 2008


Now that I am home and out of the hospital I could not feel more grateful! I am so incredibley thankful for all my friends, family and everyone who came in and visited me, supported me and cared for me while and was sick and continue to do so.

Casey for being there as my rock, always being optomistic, asking the doctors all the right questions, helping me with all the little things that you take advantage of until you can't do them on your own, going to the bathroom, showering, eating... the things that I could never have done with out him.

Casey's Mom for being there EVERYDAY, caring for me and just being a Mom! Donna Huntley for being the "MOM" that she has always been to me, helping me through all lifes speed bumps and who was there EVERYDAY too.

Kesha for her rides to the doctors, laughs, lunches and just for being herself. Kara for hanging out having dinner, making sure I had my paperwork done and in order and just being a "sister."

And to the rest of my family/ friends, Vanessa, for the magazines, support, visits..... My flowers from Holly, Martie & Becky, Casey, the beautiful orchid from Shauna and Michelle, Patrick's rose, My Dad's super cute race car flower holder (my fav), Donna's halloween witch, Shannon's PJ pants, Brodie's flowers and all my friends/co workers and family who came to see me.... Vanessa, Brodie, Jeremy, Ryon, Shauna, Michelle, Patrick, Martie, Becky, Jason, Kara, Kesha, Dick, Donna, Kim, Lauren, Sue, Howard, Shannon, Dad, Carrie and so many more, if I missed you I am sorry, just know how much it meant to me and how grateful I am for each and every one of you!

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