Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Tree is up, and yes it's before Thanksgiving

So I had a little problem this year when it came to when to decorate for Thanksgiving. Traditionally I have always decorated the day after Thanksgiving every year, but this year is different. Casey and I are flying out to Vegas the morning after Thanksgiving which leaves no time for my usually decorating. We will be gone through the weekend and return on December 1st.
Christmas is so important to me and I love the decoration and decorating so much I didn't want to come home on December 1st and feel like I had missed out on any of the holiday festivities and prime decorating time, so what is a girl to do but decorate a whole week early!!!!!

Yes, that's right I have my Christmas tree up and fully decorated! I also put all the decorations out in the house and set up all of my Christmas village. I couldn't be happier and more in the Christmas spirit.

Now I just have to get Casey outside to put up all the lights and the accessories, you name it I have it... Really I am thinking I should change my last name to Griswold. I have the blow up elf archway, the Santa clause and of course the blow up Nascar with Elf pit crew... If that doesn't scream Christmas Spirit I don't know what does.
Below is a picture of our tree taken with my cell phone I will get a better one with my camera in the next couple of days!

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