Thursday, December 25, 2008

We're Getting Married!!!!!

Yes, you read correct, Casey and I are getting married!!!!!!! We are so excited and I couldn't have asked for a more special Christmas. I truely had no clue that Casey was going to propose and it caught me completely by suprise.

After waking up this morning we settled in on the couch, went through our stockings, and opened our gifts, I can't even begin to explain to you how much Casey spoiled me with my gifts this year. A wonderful black roxy peacoat, a monster energy kawasaki dirt bike helmet, dirt bike gloves, a a new t shirt, a book from the TV Series John and Kate Plus 8, a new quilt for our bed, new pillow cases and new throw pillows for our bed.... See? I told you I was spoiled.

After opening all our gifts we started to get ready to go over to his parents and started rounding up their gifts to give them. While I was under the treee looking for those gifts Casey told me that he had forgotten one of my present and told me it was in the tree, I stood up and there in front of me sitting in the middle of the Christmas Tree branches was my engagement ring box. I opened the box and Casey asked me to marry him! I can't believe it, what a Christmas to remember!

Oh, and did I mention that today is Casey's 30th Birthday Party too! 30th Birthday, Christmas and Engagement!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Below are some pics of me in my engaged bliss as well as my ring! :)

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